My Philosophy and Approach to Therapy

I believe the best treatment is a collaborative effort between client and therapist. I’ll ask about the difficulties you’re having as well as some history of your life experience. Often people develop patterns in their relationships that impede their best functioning.

These patterns can cause frustration, anxiety, depression, irritability, conflict with others, and reduced hope about a positive enjoyable future.

As we look at the situation together, the information you’ve shared gives me some understanding of what it’s like in your shoes, and what might be helpful in order to achieve the changes you want to achieve.

Then, together, we’ll devise a roadmap with goals and a strategy to attain them. This roadmap will consider your unique strengths as well as pitfalls you may have experienced in the past.

You’ll learn new methods of relating and interacting with people and in situations so the positive outcomes will lead to increased enjoyment in your day to day living.

As you begin to understand what might have led to the difficulties you were experiencing at the start, you’ll have the insight, strategies, and tools to make sure the same difficulty you came to get help with doesn’t occur with the same outcome it had before.

Adolescent, adult, and child individual therapy. Couples and family therapy