Life -- has its challenges.
Therapy can help.

Respect, trust and collaboration to find solutions that really work...


Every person at some point in life has a period, or periods of difficulty getting through situations they are in. Often the difficulty results in stress, anxiety, depression, conflict in relationships, job or school difficulties and many other distressing feelings.

At these times, it can help to seek counseling as a way to collaborate with a professional therapist to look at your unique situation, devise a plan which includes goals to improve the difficulty, and get support to implement and sustain changes that improve your quality of life.

It’s important to take time to focus on mental and emotional health. Just as your physical health has a great impact on your experience of life, so does your emotional health.

Problems don’t occur in a vacuum, so there is also information about what a person has experienced in life to consider when working in therapy. The patterns that may have developed in your life may not work well, resulting in frustration, diminished hope for the future, depression, anxiety, and many other feelings that reduce the ability to experience joy and happiness in your everyday experience.

I am a therapist with nearly 30 years of experience working with people to help them make the changes that result in a more joyful existence with a sense of direction as they continue on the adventure of their life.

My philosophy and approach to therapy

What to expect in your first appointment

We’ll meet for approximately 1 hour and talk about the things you are struggling with as well as your current situation in life, including the things that are going well. Some history will be gathered so I can understand what it’s like to be in your shoes in order for me to be most helpful. This meeting is generally over before you know it, often resulting in a feeling of relief and the sense that things can get better. With your input, we’ll set some initial goals with a beginning plan for how to reach them.

As a therapist, my goal is to:

  • Help you improve your emotional well-being
  • Enhance your ability to engage in mutually gratifying successful relationships
  • Help you develop and / or refine useful skills to help you problem solve in the various aspects of your life.
  • Develop and implement a plan to master the specific challenges you are experiencing

Next Steps

It can be scary and difficult to pursue therapy. To get started, call me at 785-267-3551.

If you want, we can arrange a 15 minute phone consultation so you have a sense of what it will be like if you decide to initiate therapy.

It’s important to find a therapist that is a “good fit.” You need someone you feel comfortable with, who shows respect without judgement as they look at, and understand your individual situation. I’ve experienced that I’m a “good fit” for most people.

Services Available

Adolescent, adult, and child individual therapy
Couples and family therapy

About Me


I graduated with a MA in social work from KU in 1993. Prior to, during, and after graduate school I worked at The Menninger Foundation for a total of 17 years as part of a multidisciplinary team working with adults, adolescents and children.

When The Menninger Foundation moved to Houston, TX in 2002, I started a private practice in Topeka, KS. I continue to collaborate with colleagues in the community when indicated, and value the sense of teamwork that provides the synergy of people working together to attain productive, fulfilling and satisfying daily living.

I’ve served on numerous boards in the community and enjoy outdoor activities, art, and music.